What to see in the region?

Discover the area:

The Castle of Angers

The Region of Angers/Anjou is particularly rich in history, geology and culture – farming cultures too! The Loire River Valley offers its many Renaissance castles. Angers has its fortress. But more, there is a history to discover. Centuries of human growth, battles, and times of peace. In addition, the climate is especially comfortable in just about any season. Vegetable and flower farms dot the river valley and the rich soils around this. A great deal of experimentation in plant development has been undertaken in this region and is represented in attractions such as “Terra Botanica”(www.terrabotanica.fr), Camifolia (/www.jardin-camifolia.com) and the Oriental Gardens in Maulevrier (www.parc-oriental.com).

In the nearby area

Vignards of the Coteaux du Layon

Village in caves

The Cadre Noir of Saumur

Castles and Churches

The Castle of Brissac Quincé

The Fontevraud Abbaye

The castle of Saumur

The Gaucherie aux Dames is situated at about 45 minutes drive from the famous “Puy du Fou” Theme Park (considered the world’s best theme park – and it is good!)(www.puydufou.com)

The Puy du Fou

It is also located equidistance (40 km) from Angers, Saumur and Cholet with the possibility to make day trips to any of these areas to visit the castles, the museums or other attractions.

The Oriental Parc of Maulévrier

Other important attractions in the area include the “Parc Orientale” in Maulevrier (25 km) , the largest japonese gardens in Europe. In Chemillé there is the Park “Camifolia” centered around the theme of plants and most particularly those which have special healing uses.

The Zoo of Doué la Fontaine

There is also the “Biopark” Zoo of Doué la Fontaine( http://www.bioparc-zoo.fr ) – a zoo installed in the troglodyte landscape of the area – situated about 20 minutes drive from the Gaucherie aux Dames in addition to several possibilities of visiting the historic underground caverns of the city. Enjoy a meal of “fouaces” in one of these former underground “homes” eating as did the ancestors who once lived in the region.

The Office of Tourism of Vihiers

The Office of Tourisme in Vihiers or Cholet can answer all your questions concerning activities in the region. (https://www.anjou-tourisme.com/fr/diffusio/organismes/office-de-tourisme-du-choletais-vihiers-lys-haut-layon_TFOORGPDL049V500KZ9 ) Visit their site quickly or call: 02 41 49 80 00.