Welcome to La Gaucherie aux Dames

The old bones built in the walls on the outside of the farm have protected its habitants over the centuries from bad omens. Today, this old farm (ancient fortress) offers vacationers and visiters of all sorts a moment of calm and rest.
After having been received all around the world, we also wanted to offer others something special: this small harbor of peace. This farm, with a view overlooking a valley, the animals, the pasture fields, the rolling hills, and the simple sharing of each day are all part of what we hope to offer you. We hope to share with you: a special moment during your stay. Welcome!

In this ancient castle fortress or fortified farm dating back at least 6-8 centuries, the guest house and bed and breakfast of the “Gaucherie aux Dames” opened in 2004. Since then, we have received guests from all over the world. Certain come for their honeymoons, others for writing or to sing. There are students who come to discover the “old continent”, but also actors, musicians, electricians or plumbers. Some come for their vacations. Others to find retreat: a peaceful serene atmosphere in which one can meditate.