The Guest House

The Guest house

Established in 2004, the guest house has welcomed many visitors from all walks of life: Brazilian musicians, folk / rock bands for the festival Artist O Champs (including Blaireaux le Ravel, Fatals Picards or “les Voleurs du Swing”), Texas cowboys, writers, and so many others. We have even had the pleasure of welcoming artists such as”Jali” or “Renand Luce”.

Located in the Lys River Valley, the Gaucherie aux Dames Guest House offers you the best possible view of the river valley .

The Guest House is situated at the end of the building completely renovated. (It was probably a convent once upon a time, but when we found the place, there were cows in it!)

What we have the most of is: quiet. The silence of the nighttime deafens and the darkness of the nights allows for one to see something rare these days: Stars! In the summer nights (or winter for the bravest) one can observe the stars away from urban pollution. It is an opportunity to hear the owls hoot at dusk. In the morning, the mist in the valley is worth the effort to get up early! One can take walks along the lanes taking you to the valley or to the pasture fields to offer a little dried bread to the mother sheep. Farmdog “Indy” is always available as a guide along the river to hunt out any muskrats hiding in the area. The horses are available for petting all you want!

The Guest House has: – 3 bedrooms, (1 on the ground floor) – 2 bathrooms (1 on the ground floor) – a terrace overlooking the valley – garden furniture in summer, BBQ- an enclosed private garden (dogs are accepted upon request) – Wifi is available throughout the house -television – washing machine, solaire clothes dryer. It’s kitchen and dining room are fully equipped with dishwasher, electric oven, microwave oven, and all the cooking utensils needed. Depending on availability, bicycles can be loaned.

People staying in the Guest House find themselves surrounded by a sort of hamlet where each lives his/her own life, yet with the comfort of knowing that there are neighbors nearby if anything would go wrong.

Living Room
The downstairs bedroom with bathroom
upstairs bedroom
the garden
the living room