Beverly Ott and Olivier Hauville made a deliberate choice of returning to the countryside and the farm. Olivier studied economics and political science at the Université d'Aix en Provence. Beverly is American and studied Social Work in the USA. They met doing humanitarian work while in Chad .

In 1990, they began the associaiton ECHOPPE, (Exchange for the Organisation and the Promotion of Small-Petit Entrepreneurs) which works today in Togo, Benin and in Central Africa. Their action aims at helping the most disadvantaged persons to escape poverty through economic supports (small loans provided without guarantees for the poorest of women) in addition to programs aimed at the reinforcement of the small farm movement via the improved production and commercialisation of farm products with actors from the cities in an idea of creating "fair trade" markets. Today, thousands of persons are helped thanks to the 25 years of work done by ECHOPPE in West Africa.

Beverly and Olivier continue today to work with Africa, but also in France. They are the co-founders of the Platform for Fair Trade in France. In addition, the have created the store "Terre et Terroirs" in Angers (Les Ponts de Cé) where, as in Africa, they fight to save the small farm culture via the ideas of an "ethical" economy. They have two children, Anna and Stéphane.